Strategic Services


Our mission is to help showcase the world’s best talent. These days, politicians and industry leaders gain as much celebrity status as our most respected entertainers.


A leader’s personal brand is as essential to cultivate as that of their company.

Whether its getting your name out there, establishing social proof, or coming back after a crisis or hiatus, we’ve got creative strategies to help get you, and keep you on top.


Our clients have been featured in such distinguished outlets as: *The Post *The Spec *Toronto Sun *Wedding Bells Magazine *B City Magazine *SNAP *The Spectator *Kingsway Magazine *Inked Magazine *People Magazine, *A&E *MSNBC *Fox *Court TV *National Enquirer *Der Speiegel *New York Post *Dallas Morning News *UPI *NPR *CP *CBC *The Fifth Estate *ABC *Solid Waste & Recycling Magazine *Star *Sun *Globe & Mail *National Post *CTV *Rogers Cable 10 *Hamilton Cable 14 *City TV *CHCH *Niagara This Week *Welland Tribune *CBC As It Happens *Strombo Show *Inside Toronto *24 hours *Metro *Muskoka Tribune *AM900 *Our London Scene *Scene Brantford *SNAPed *Skunk Magazine *High Times Magazine *Cannabis Digest *The Highway Spliff *Urbanicity *Now Magazine