About Us

The world is full of amazing people, doing great things. Our mission is to let everyone know about them! We empower our clients with media, services and support they need to position themselves exactly where they wish to be, at the top of their game.
We take care of everything from photography and video, to PR, business consulting, advertising, events and VIP services too…. and sometimes, its just some good honest advice.


Our goal is to stay true to our clients and their vision. We aim to excite you in times of celebration, and provide relief and confidence in times of difficulty. We are not only media experts, but we are business experts too.

Our Founders

Daniela Siggia

Photographer/Producer Maria Gagliardi & political/business strategist Daniela Siggia are long time friends that have collaborated on creative and business projects for 20 years. They are opposite in so many ways, its often quite comical. Yet, when they create together… magic happens! Daniela’s award winning business expertise and Maria’s soulful creativeness come together to produce elegant and energetic work that catalyzes their clients to the top of their game.